Monday, 5 August 2013

My Own Fabric Line

  I've always loved designing and creating, but a new one the last year has been my foray into fabric design. I was looking for bright, photo-based nature fabrics, but wasn't finding just what I was looking for.  Then I heard about a website called "Spoonflower" where you can design your own fabrics, upload them into their program, play around with them on the program and then order them on almost any kind of fabric you like. Once you order a fabric print and you like the way it looks, you can put it for sale on the website, and you get a 10% cut of the sold yardage. You don't need to print or mail it, you just need to upload the design and Spoonflower does the rest.

   Now they've branched out into wallpaper, wrapping paper and decals as well, so the design possibilities are endless!

  Here is my latest fabric design of my dandelion photo sewn into a cheery dishcloth. I'll be posting more projects as the new fabric comes in and gets sewn into my classic handmades.


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